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Sun Trust Bank Complaint - SunTrust Denies I Ever Had Overdraft Protection - Overdraft Protection
Sun Trust Bank Complaint

Sun Trust Bank Complaint


SunTrust Denies I Ever Had Overdraft Protection - Overdraft Protection

I'm very unhappy with SunTrust at the moment. A year and a half ago I opened a checking account with my savings as overdraft protection. Now I'm being hit with overdraft fees totalling 385.00 USD, which should not have occured if my overdraft protection was working properly. SunTrust told me I had to prove that there is a bank error as they are simply denying the fact that the account was originally opened with overdraft protection. I'm furious. After speaking with five customer service reps, the 'recovery' department, and the bank manager, I'm told the maximum I "can" receive is $200 which will be credited to my account tomorrow.

While I'm pleased with the honorable way in which the bank manager handled the situation, I'm still upset that my O/P agreement was denied. For the record, one of the fees they hit me with was $105.00! I guess we take the good with the bad these days.

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ekprod says: (9 years ago)
I have also been hit with these crazy charges and I've figured out their game (or should I say scam).

I use my card a lot to make purchases for my business and many of them are under $30 (usually internet related software etc) and I monitor my account online every single day

The problem is that I might make 10 purchases one day, then a few more a week later, and when I go to check my online reports - only 3/4 of them have gone through so the balance they show me is actually much higher than what I actually have

The way they arrange it on the page makes it all seem easy to understand, but the truth is that out of 20 purchases I might make within the span of a couple of weeks, only 15-17 of them are actually processed. The rest are held until you have a low enough balance that they can bombarded you with charges. I’ve even seen charges that appeared one moment and gone the next day, only to reappear later.

SunTrust’s online systems have held reporting on purchases for as long as a week and a half! What
I notice after is that once my account is low enough - BAM - they put the rest of the original charges through.

I make very small purchases and I've been hit with fees as high as $70+ for a purchase valued under $20 (my web hosting account for instance) because they use this method. I have been trying to start up a small business for almost a year now and I don't have the money to put thousands of dollars into my account, so I try and manage it the best I can.

But with their online tools… that's impossible.

What’s even better is when they tell me “No we didn’t pay it, but you still owe the overdraft fee”.

For what? Being POOR?!

If they had paid the charge I’d almost understand the fee, but they charged me a fee because I was poor and didn’t have enough to pay it.

They charged me to decline a purchase I made. Thanks SunTrust!

This has only happened to me a couple of times (trying to be extra careful), but it JUST happened to me again last week. This makes it 3 times now in one year. This time I realized their trick though. I’m changing bank accounts after the holidays!

UPDATE: Now get this. I bring two separate client checks (a few thousand each) into my SunTrust account this week in hopes of buying a few extra Christmas gifts for my 3 boys, but they have placed a hold on them until the 7th of Jan.

Their reason?

“Because you have over drafted 3 times”!

The teller at the bank said it was because of the amounts (I’ve deposited larger checks from the same state mind you), but when I called their office I was told it was because of my overdrafts.
They’re holding it for 16 days.

This is simply no way to treat the people that help support you.

My point is that… YES… you are right and it’s the customers’ responsibility to keep a register and track everything, but we’re only human.

Just because YOU have a big brain doesn’t mean that everyone has the same advantage as you. Some people simply have trouble processing information like this, but it doesn’t mean they deserve to be ROBBED like this.

There are always two sides to every story. We’re both just looking at the same story from different perspectives

Here is a great article about a class-action lawsuit they have against them:


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