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Sun Trust Bank Support Ticket - Insufficient fees

Sun Trust Bank Support Ticket

Insufficient fees

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Priority Level: [High] Status: [Open]
Created: 8 years ago Last Updated: 4 years ago
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In my case they made my account negative by charging first fees, then credited the wire amount that came in.

At the branch, under Kevin Henderson as store manager, they told me the wired money were available, and of course I withdrew the money. Right there, at the counter, they didn’t even tell me “hey, guy, you have already a negative balance, are you going to take care of it?” And of course I didn’t have any reason to ask because I knew my balance was positive, and couldn’t imagine they had already applied a $36 fee for NO REASON!

Next, at the top they applied the wire fees, and the balance goes negative up.

Last they applied the coming in wire amount and the negative balance dropped down, but remained negative, you see the sneaky trick?

Then they applied another $36 fees, for the negative balance they created.

Now here is the drill! A few days later, same week, I walked in the branch store, in person, and deposited cash for which I spent 15 min until they counted it.

Nobody dared to tell me “hey, guy, you have a negative balance, are you going to take care of it?” I was “sleeping” well because I couldn’t imagine their sneaky techniques. That resulted another, third fee, of $36.

Then I wrote a check for the cash I deposited and this time my check bounced because they held all those fess that I was not aware of. This is where I woke up and found out about all these frivolous techniques!

For the records, all this took place on 5/25/2010 at SunTrust branch in Publix, with players of the game, the counter manager Maggie O’Beng and branch manager Kevin Henderson, who has a filthy habit: when we walk into Publix to shop, he bothers our walking by getting in front of us with this killing fake smile, and chilling handshaking, bending his back to us as the beggars do, saying “welcome to SunTrust”! Who told you we come for you freak? We go to shop at Publix!

Personally, at the beginning and seeing all these complaints online I thought they are scam, making up cases to take people’s money by fees.

But my experience was finally positive. I called district manager Lisa Hill. She was amazing although she was not in charge of the certain branch store. She speaks very little, but in 20 min, the right district manager Daniel Hanberry called me personally, and then the customer service operator Chastidy took care of the rest.

After this resolution, I am amazed. I think that in SunTrust there are really professional persons like Lisa Hill, Daniel Hanberry, and Chastidy and they take care of the mess that managers like Kevin Henderson and his crew create.

I mean, I am sorry, but I am a mathematician, Kevin Henderson probably knows less than me in ordinary math and numbers; there I am with printed out all the transactions, speaking simple logic, and I have this guy telling me over and over, again and again, the same stereotype answers on my request! I felt like the guy doesn’t even use his brain! I mean, come on manager, not all cases are the same right?

Besides, the guy bending at the door, the so called store manager Kevin Henderson, called me! On TH' 6/3/2010 at 5:50 pm, ten minutes before he goes home! I asked what is the purpose of his call. He answered, "is anything we can do for you, so we can continue the same relationship like before". What anyone would have answered? The fees, right? This is what I answered, "refund the fees and we will be ok". Well, suddenly the door-guy Kevin Henderson, remembered that the purpose of his call was not to get me back as a customer, but to criticize me and interrogate me, if-and-why I reported he was unprofessional!

For second time, he persisted interrogating me if I reported that he was unprofessional. Right there, is this unprofessional to call the customer back at home, at 6:00 pm, evening with family, like solicitors do, and intimidate me on my report of his unprofessionalism? Yes, it is! But he is such a dump that couldn't realize what he was doing right there!

I answered, "yes Sir, you were unprofessional. One time when I walked in the bank and you gave me the wire amount although it was not available, so just to create a negative balance and charge me with fees. You lied to me on purpose telling me that I have this amount available. Second time, when I walked in, in person three days later to deposit the cash, again you didn't tell me about my negative balance resulting I wrote a check that bounced!"

Right there I asked him, "is this professionalism to you?", he went speechless. It was a "mmm..., Hmmm..., aaaa..., eee..."! something was going on in his mouth (it’s possible he was eating!) at which point I decided not to give more time to croak sounds, and I finished the call saying "thank you for your call, Sir!”

How is this possible to call me interrogating me whether he is unprofessional, when calling a customer home at 6:00 pm is soliciting and at the same time interrogating me is at least a lawsuit! Aren't these two incidents alone unprofessional, yes or not? What a low level freak!

But again, other than that, I feel I should reward SunTrust with continuing doing business, although I had decided to take my fees back and walk. But I think that’s not fair. Daniel Hanberry showed real professionalism. I feel great about it and I write all this incident with the purpose to be fair. This should be recorded among the rest of complaints.


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